Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Need a Title


  1. Hmm...I don't have a great title...but it gives me a prison vibe, what with the chain link and that tower.

    Playtime in Prison?

    Sliding towards twenty to life?

    LOL, I'll keep working on it......

  2. Hi Roxy! I'm still giggling about that.

    lol. I look forward to others.

    I just received this one: "What Are We Teaching Our Children?"? ~Thanks KEK

  3. You are right!

    True art is the absence of exactness.

    One cannot call himself/herself an artist if he/she is creating and producing material that is aimed at pleasing others!

    True art is the real expression of one's spirit! :)

    You know....this particular photo makes me feel quite gloomy...were you feeling that when you took it?

  4. Oh for a title I would entitle it "Absence" because there is such an absence represented in this absence of joy.

  5. C,
    It was somewhere between absence of joy and anger. I spotted the tower from the highway and had to see what it was about. It is a private school in Dallas. I was stunned to see people drop their children off and watch them be lined up and stuck behind razor wire. I can think of no paycheck that would be important enough to leave my child in such a place. I was even more offended when I encountered a teacher and a jack-booted thug who represented the school. The photo actually doesn't communicate how locked down it is. :(

    Ironically, there is a mural behind razor wire that says something along the lines of, "Education Will Free You".

    Ihsan Khairir,
    Thanks. It actually isn't. I did mess with the hues and saturation a bit. I would tell you more, but the work I did on the picture is over a year old.

  6. I'd call it ... "Slide to Freedom"

    Great shot!

  7. One of your best photos.