Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Lucia N°03 Changed How I View and Do Art

It may not appear to be the case on my blog, but my production of art has been expanding at a tremendous rate.  I've been more settled, more inspired, and less critical of my own work.  I was surprised to find how much that last factor impacted my progress as an artist.  

How did I suddenly find my artist's groove?  
I tried an amazing new technology. 

It goes by a number of names: The Lucid Light, Lucia N°03, Lucia Light, Hypnagogic Light, Trancendental Lamp, etc.

It is like nothing I've ever experienced before. It started out simply enough. It seemed very bright at first, like being on a beach at noon in the middle of summer, but the sense of being was more like what I felt when I was a kid.  I was very quickly filled with warm sensations and felt a sense of increased well-being. Within a few moments, I began to see sparkles of color, then the sparkles arranged into lines, then the lines into patterns and the patterns began to spin and dance with the music.  I had heard of synesthesia before, but had not experienced it to any great extent prior to this.  

After a few "taster" sessions, I was sent on a 20ish minute psychedelic experience filled with wonder, amusement, and insight.  I saw sacred geometry, vortexes, and colors beyond any previous experience.  I rode a wave between a sense of sleep and wakefulness reminiscent of my deepest transcendental meditation experiences.  There were times where it felt as if I had left my body and was flying through the universe.  Which, incidentally, appeared to be fully contained within me.  My entire visual field was filled with color, patterns, movement, transformation--Layers upon layers, upon layers of visual beauty.  Suddenly, for the first time, the concept of a multiverse became fully plausible.

I initially began creating digital images in an attempt to share what I had seen in my first experiences under the Lucid Light.  Some of those are shown in my Exploring Universal Connectivity Through Sacred Geometry II post.  

I began by creating ray after ray, repeating a pattern and extending it out; then using platonic solids and repeating them in expanding circles, geometric patterns and then fractal patterns.  The interplay initially began as an attempt to share some of the amazing designs I saw under the light and developed into more of an expression of what I feel under the light as I wander about my own consciousness. 

 I've been meditating and seeking for over 30 years.  I have used numerous shamanic light techniques, herbology, fasting, breathing exercises, resins, incense, mantras that rattled my skull, and meditation techniques from every corner of the world.  My experiences under the Lucia N°03 seem to be visual expressions and magnifications of what I have been able to experience as a human being.  What I see visually, dynamically connects me to realities that have always been difficult to access and have, until now, been fleeting.    In an attempt to explain the altered states of consciousness I achieved under the Lucia N°03 light, I've told people that it's like getting to see the shining house on the hill and having a glowing bread crumb trail to find your way back.  

It took me to amazing places.  Quickly, subtly, profoundly, and safely. The hypnagogic light I've been told that the light signals travel down the optic nerve and stimulate the pineal gland which releases a cascade of neurotransmitters and hormones in a cocktail similar to what is released in the deepest meditations and in entheogenic experiences such as DMT.  I maintained total lucidity the entire time I was under the light, had no mental confusion, and felt even more present than when I am meditating.  Althought I felt like I had been meditating for hours, my legs and back didn't hurt.  

I will continue using the Lucid Light to explore my consciousness, help me to center, and to bring forward greater inspiration and connection to my waking consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience.  It was subtle, powerful, inspiring, and relaxing.  

If you want to try or purchase a Lucia N°03 for yourself, get in touch with the people at Lucid Light LLC ( for an experience that will introduce you to corners of your mind you've always wished and, deep down, known existed.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Examining Universal Connectivity Through Sacred Geometry

This is my first time to share my non-photographic digital art. (Click on any image to enlarge and see detail):

I'd love to know what you think and see any work you might have done in this realm.